Letter from Parent Sheila

As a parent of a young adult with Down syndrome, I know how important it is to be able to find the information you need right away. I am glad you visited this website, and I know you will find the information here helpful.

When we were first told that our new baby had Down syndrome, we were shocked. No, this is not what we had planned for our life at all. Our dreams had included the captain of the football team, famous actor, and scientist, maybe even president. We loved our new baby, but we grieved for the perfect baby we felt was to be for us.

We continue to dream. We have taught him to dream for himself. The dreams are a little different but they are still dreams. He worked with football team, graduated high school.  Went to college at Vanderbilt through the Next Steps Program and graduated.  He loves singing and is learning to play the guitar. He loves pretty girls. He is a loving brother and the most organized human being I've ever known. He has had several jobs and now works at Best Buddies Tennessee AND Best Buy.  WOW! He has accomplished so very much! He is PERFECT!!

Our son has brought us a whole new understanding of patience, kindness, love, compassion, and gentleness. I would not have experienced any of these emotions to the depth that I do today if I had not had my son with Down syndrome. He has changed our lives for the better. I feel honored to have been trusted with such a wonderful gift.

- Sheila Moore, Parent

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