New & Expecting Parents

Diagnosis to Delivery

A Pregnant Mother’s Guide to Down Syndrome by Down Syndrome Pregnancy. 

Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network

The Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network provides resources and education about Down Syndrome, and connects you to other parents who have been in your shoes.

Grandparents Information

The American Grandparents Association has a website with facts about Grandchildren with Down syndrome. In addition, the Down Syndrome Association of Central California has A Grandparent’s Guide you can Download the PDF.

Lessons From Levi

Book by the Hook family discussing the lessons they learned from their child with Down syndrome.

National Center For Prenatal and Postnatal Resources

The National Center provides this clearinghouse of professionally recommended resources so that medical practitioners, expectant parents, and new parents have access to accurate, up-to-date, and balanced information about Down syndrome. 

New & Expectant Parent Resources

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Now is the time to begin learning all you can about Down syndrome and the National Down Syndrome Society is a great place to start.

NDSS New Parent Guide

A Promising Future Together: A Guide for New and Expectant Parents.

Nursing Down Syndrome: A Short Guide to Breastfeeding Your Baby

A project designed to inspire, encourage, and prepare mothers of babies with Down syndrome to breastfeed their babies. Aimed at both mothers and medical professionals, seeking to empower mothers to advocate for themselves and their babies and to educate medical professionals about the unique challenges some babies with DS encounter. 

The Perfect Child

Dr. Frank H. Boehm is professor and vice chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center wrote a lovely article about his grandson, Seth, who happens to have Down syndrome and is the "perfect child".

Prenatal Testing Information

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation and the National Down Syndrome Congress have teamed up to publish the second edition of the groundbreaking Prenatal Testing Pamphlet for Down syndrome, available in English, Spanish and Icelandic. The second edition, created from the first national survey of pregnant women and medical professionals, is easily accessible electronically, or in print at no cost.