For Educators

Tips for General Educators

Ten tips for general educators shows small gestures help students with disabilities participate, learn and succeed in the classroom.

Tips for Special Educators

Ten tips for special educators collaborate, communicate, and promote the participation of students with disabilities in the inclusive classroom.

Transition Tennessee

Tennessee’s online home for training and resources on preparing students with disabilities for life after high school. Consider this the “blueprint” to building a comprehensive transition program for your students. Learn about the best practices and practical strategies for special educators, families, and other transition team members as you fill your toolbox with key tools for success.

University Community Partnerships in Teacher Preparation

University-Community Partnerships in Teacher Preparation:Changing Attitudes about Students with Disabilities. By Sally Barton-Arwood, Lauren Lunsford, and Shree W. Suddeth The personal perspectives of a teacher can support or hinder successful outcomes for students with disabilities.

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Training and resources for clinicians, students, researchers, and educators.