What Would Julie Do?

“What Would Julie Do” is a new weekly, interactive, guided conversation about getting those with Down syndrome to engage is more appropriate behavior/less inappropriate behaviors, which could include doing homework or chores, using manners, requesting wants & needs, taking turns and many others.

The objective is to provide caregivers with guidance/tools/resources to help their children be as independent as possible.  These virtual sessions will have a specific planned topic each week, but the content may vary based on attendees’ current needs or questions. 

The group will be led by Julie Mayer, MS, LBA, BCBA Licensed Behavior Analyst in TN and Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a discipline used to promote the understanding and improvement of socially significant behavior by utilizing methods based on scientific principles of behavior, such as positive reinforcement (Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 1987).  Ms. Mayer has been implementing behavior plans for children since 1995 and has significant success with children with Down syndrome, in addition to Autism.

Groups will be limited to 10 caregiver attendees per week.  You can join for as many or few sessions as you like.

 Sessions will take place every other Thursday at 7pm – 1.5 hours

**Exact dates can be found on our events calendar