Legislative Advocacy in Action

DSAMT advocates at the local, state and national levels on issues that impact individuals with Down syndrome and their families.  This includes educating DSAMT members about important legislative issues; regularly communicating with our legislators; helping our families share their stories with lawmakers to help affect change; participating in TN’s Disability Day on the Hill; and educating our self-advocates in the legislative advocacy process.  

Each year, we take our Self-Advocate of the Year to the NDSS Buddy Walk® on Washington, at which they meet with numerous lawmakers, share their personal story and advocate for specific pieces of legislation.

We encourage you to communicate with your legislators on issues that effect our community and your family, and we strive to help make it easy for you. 

DSAMT passed an important piece of legislation for for Tennessee Residents and medical providers the Down Syndrome Information act. Detailed information on this and other legilative advocacy can be found here:

Stay Informed and Act

Staying knowledgeable is easy, and we want to make sure that getting your message out to our legislators is easy, too.