Founders' Award

2018 Founder's Award Recipient

Amber Hawkins is DSAMT's 2018 recipient of the Founders' Award, created in 2016 to honor a Parent Mentor who exemplifies the vision set by our founders, Elise McMillan, Sheila Moore and Joanne Drumright. 

Amber is an amazing parent mentor who has gone out of her way to support both new and experienced families, especially while they are at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. Often she is unable to share the wonderful work she is able to do and the help, resources, and support she provides to many hospitalized families due to confidentiality rules put in place by the hospital, but DSAMT hears of the wonderful discussions Amber has with families when they contact our staff or come to an event or baby shower. She has become known in the hospital as the person to bring in when it comes to supporting families of those with DS. She attends all the baby showers, goes out of her way to bring meals to families, and is a wonderful liason. DSAMT is honored to have such a great resource for families present at Vanderbilt to support all patients, but especially those with Down syndrome. 

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